Why You Can Trust Our Construction Surveys

At Trail Surveys, we take pride in providing our clients with accurate surveys. Our skilled and experienced surveyors follow rigorous procedures to collect data accurately, safely, quickly and consistently – this is why our clients know that they can trust the results and data provided in a Trail Surveys construction survey.

 In this blog post we explore the main reasons why so many clients have placed their trust in the construction surveys provided by Trail Surveys. “There are four distinct aspects that make Trail Surveys stand out in terms of reliability. These include our experience, risk management practices, our proven methodology and the level of confidence we have instilled in our clients,” explains Jaco Wiesner, Trail Surveys Business Development Manager & Engineering Surveyor.



Our experience in delivering a wide range of services across a diverse series of projects ensures we will provide the accurate and professional results that our clients expect. We have over 18 years of experience in conducting construction surveys for various project types across a diverse range of clients located in 27 countries on the African Continent.



Our mission is to make our clients see Trail Surveys not as just a service provider but as a project partner that they can trust to help them achieve their project goals. The accuracy and quality of our survey data is non-negotiable which means that we settle for nothing less than the supply of accurate data you can trust.


Risk Management

We take every possible measure to mitigate your risk. We do this by ensuring that all survey activities comply with your specific Project Quality Assurance requirements and by providing accurate survey data in real time.  Our team is also fully conversant with the NEC and FIDIC Contractual Suite of Documents.


Proven Methodology

Over the years, Trail Surveys has developed a methodology that we believe reflects industry best practice and ensures that detailed, accurate information is supplied while all requirements are strictly adhered to. The feedback that we receive from clients on this field-proven methodology has been resoundingly positive!


Trail Surveys Construction Survey Process

Trail Surveys Construction Survey Process

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