So Much More than Conventional Construction Surveys

Specialist geomatic and engineering surveyors, Trail Surveys, offer advanced Construction Survey Solutions that go beyond the conventional data that is typically provided by other firms on the market.

The saying goes “If you build it, they will come.” Well in our case, if you’re building it, we’ll provide the most accurate and extensive survey data available. At Trail Surveys we pride ourselves on the extensive experience, expertise and capacity that we have to provide our clients with survey services that go far beyond what has been conventionally accepted in the industry for so many years.

Generally, the objective of construction surveys is to acquire adequate and definite survey data in order to provide accurate and real-time data to confirm that the construction project and associated ancillary works are constructed within design tolerances and according to the project budget. Throughout this process, various survey techniques are employed on a full- time or part-time basis on site. We can tailor the provision of construction surveys to your specific construction project requirements.

“After completing a survey, we don’t just provide merely a hard-drive with data. We provide a full, turn-key Geomatics solution tailored to your project specifications and budget.  Whether this is through part-time or full time appointments on the project site,” says Jaco Wiesner, Trail Surveys Business Development Manager & Engineering Surveyor.

Trail Surveys provides Construction Survey Services anywhere in Africa, tailored to specific requirements and budget, no matter how big or small the project. Our team becomes part of your team as well, with an approach that involves working hand in hand with everyone on site. This can involve us working as part of the contractor’s team or as part of the consulting engineer’s or the client’s supervisory team.

Our Engineering Surveyors are fully conversant with the NEC and FIDIC Contractual Suite of documents as well as the COLTO and SANS construction specifications. Compliance with South African legislations is fundamental to all our survey works. This includes complying with the Land Survey Act (Act 8 of 1997), the Geomatics Profession Act (Act 19 of 2013), the Occupational Health and Safety Act, (Act. 85 of 1993) and all associated Amendments / Regulations.

“Comprehensive data resulting from a Trail Surveys construction survey empowers our clients to make sound decisions regarding the way forward for their project. As one of the few surveying companies offering such comprehensive results and data – as a result of using the latest techniques – you can be guaranteed of survey accuracy in all your resulting data,” Wiesner concludes.