Setting-out surveys comprise conventional ground surveys, using Total Stations, GPS and Automatic/ Electronic Levels in isolation and/or combination, whereby an engineering / architectural design of any type of infrastructure / building is staked out on the ground to facilitate the accurate construction thereof.

By employing the latest robotic Total Stations, we can adopt a one-man survey approach, saving costs, eliminating errors and maintaining the strictest accuracy requirements.


  • The accuracy in the setting-out reduce your overall project cost and risks, and furthermore complement and enhance your Quality Control Systems employed on any Construction Project;

  • Design information can readily be uploaded into our Survey Instruments, enabling our Surveyors to set out any part of the works in real time, at any point in time required by the Client.

  • The demarcation of the staked points are done in accordance international best practice or the specific requirements of our Clients.


Typical applications will comprise the following (but not limited to):

  • Setting out of the Design for:

    • Construction of roads, including profiles for pavement layers, setting out of all structures (culverts, bridges etc)
    • Construction of Pipelines, including profiles for Trench excavations etc.
    • Construction of Electrical Powerline Towers, including setting out of stays, bolt positions etc.
  • Setting out of the Design for:

    • Stock Piles
    • Earthworks
    • Land Fills
    • Mine Tailings
    • Construction of services (water, sewage, electricity, fiber networks etc)
  • Setting out of Buildings, platforms etc


Typical deliverables comprise a Setting-Out Report recording the actual staked co-ordinates, the design co-ordinates as well as any differences between the actual staked co-ordinates and design co-ordinates.


We understand that every project, site and client is different – as are their expectations of the required survey deliverables.  In order to “sharpen the pencil” and offer you the most cost and time effective geomatics solution, fit for the purpose you require the survey, we would need to acquire the following information from you:

  • Location of the survey – ideally a “Google Earth Placemark” send to us in kml/kmz format

  • The purpose of the survey – this serve as an indication of the required level of accuracy required

  • The engineering Design Drawings (preferably in soft copy CAD format

  • Details on the contract specifications and accuracy requirements of the setting out (i.e. COLTO / SANS etc)

  • Requirements in terms of the physical demarcation of the staked points

    • Hardcopy / Softcopy
    • CAD Specifications / Drawing Layout
    • Digital data formats required for integration into your design / cad software
  • Specific logistic constraints getting access to the specific area of interest

  • SHEQ Requirements (Medicals / inductions / onboarding / PPE / Mine-ready vehicles etc)

  • Schedule / Program – Should a staggered delivery be required we can work with you to provide critical data at key dates throughout your project.