Remote sensing is defined as “the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object and thus in contrast to on-site observation, especially the Earth.”

Trail Surveys, through strategic partnerships with four Remote Sensing Service Providers, has built a reputation delivering innovative geomatics solutions in Satellite Imagery, Digital Aerial Photography & LiDAR surveys, and Oblique Aerial Photography throughout the African Continent.  Our experience and ability to combine and integrate remote sensing survey products with engineering and cadastral survey products enables us to deliver an unsurpassed geomatics solution to our Clients, whilst discounting both time and cost on their projects.

Our aerial platforms comprise both fixed wing and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) (also commonly refer to as “Drones”), enabling us to provide our Clients with the most cost-effective remote sensing solution which is fit for purpose.  All of our remote sensing operations are executed with aerial platforms duly certified and approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) under SACAA approved Air Service Licence and Air Operating Certificates.



We understand that every project, site and client is different – as are their expectations of the required survey deliverables.  In order to “sharpen the pencil” and offer you the most cost and time effective geomatics solution, fit for the purpose you require the survey, we would need to acquire the following information from you:

  • Location of the survey – ideally a “Google Earth Placemark” send to us in kml/kmz format

  • The purpose of the survey – this serve as an indication of the required level of accuracy required

  • Required accuracies (planimetric and vertical)

  • Specific detail which need to be surveyed

  • In the case of a LiDAR survey – required LAS classification (typical run-of-the-mill applications require only Ground and Non-Ground LAS classes)

  • Details on the presentation of the survey data

    • Hardcopy / Softcopy
    • CAD Specifications / Drawing Layout
    • Digital data formats required for integration into your design / cad software
  • Specific logistic constraints getting access to the specific area of interest

  • SHEQ Requirements (Medicals / inductions / onboarding / PPE / Mine-ready vehicles etc)

  • Schedule / Program – Should a staggered delivery be required we can work with you to provide critical data at key dates throughout your project.