Engineering Surveys relates to surveys undertaken for the purpose of the construction of any infrastructure, albeit during the design or construction phase thereof.  Engineering Surveys constitute the flagship service in the range of geomatics services Trail Surveys has on offer, capitalizing on more than 300 years of accumulative experience held by our 15 qualified and registered Engineering Surveyors.

Our clientele for engineering surveys includes Consulting Engineers, Contractors, Organs of State (National-, Provincial – and Municipal), Private Developers, Architects and Mining companies.

The Industries we serve in this regard comprises of the following:

  • Agriculture and Forestry Industries

  • Construction Industry

  • Mining and Quarrying Industry

  • Manufacturing Industry

  • Electricity Industry

  • Transportation Industry

  • Information and Communications Industry

  • Financial and Insurance Industry

  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Industry


Trail Surveys offers the full range of engineering surveys – exemplified by the following range of engineering surveys we undertake: