Generally, the objective of these surveys is to acquire enough and definite survey data in order to provide accurate and real-time data to confirm that the construction project and associated ancillary works are constructed within design tolerances and according to the project budget. In this various survey techniques are being employed on a full-time / part time basis on site.  Subject to your specific construction project requirements we can tailor the provision of construction surveys (albeit as part of the Contractor’s team or the Supervisory Team) on a part-time or full-time basis.

Our Engineering Surveyors are fully conversant with the NEC and FIDIC Contractual Suite of documents as well as the COLTO and SANS construction specifications.

Although every construction project is different from one another, the general survey scope of works typically entails the phases as depicted in the sketch below and detailed thereunder.


It serves that the employment of a surveyor on site (part-time / full-time) derives an efficient site management tool for the Contractor / Supervisory Consulting Engineer which are typically applied in:

  • the quantification of volumes (including earthworks);
  • the substantiation of any claims / payment certificates by the Contractor;
  • Ensuring compliance to the design when works are set out;
  • Enabling prompt and informed decisions on the construction works based on accurate and actual progress;
  • Recording As-built records progressively throughout the duration of the project.

It furthermore directly and/or indirectly contributes to:

  • Compliance to ISO 9001:2015 or similar Quality Management Systems;
  • Effective Project and Financial Control through the provision of accurate and actual quantification of works undertaken at any point in time during the project lifespan;
  • Efficient Risk Management of contractual delays / over-expenditure / insurance claims and liabilities by availing timeous, accurate and actual design conformance survey data

In addition to the above Trail Surveys offers the following benefits:

  • Technical and Administrative support to the assigned Surveyor on-site.
  • Off-Site data storage
  • Replace / provision of stand-in personnel and survey equipment within 24 hours in the case of any survey equipment getting damaged / broken, or survey personnel being sick


Keeping in mind that these construction survey services are generally executed over a period varying from 1 month – 48 months, the following typical survey deliverables are derived, kept and maintained over the full duration of the contract:

Survey Control

  • Establish and maintain a network of permanent survey control within the project area to facilitate the accurate construction of the works in accordance the Design and Construction specifications and respective accuracy tolerances;

Baseline DTM

  • Establish the baseline Digital Terrain Model from which all quantities are measured and remunerated for in terms of the contractual specifications;

Design Conformance Surveys

  • Survey Data, Records and Reports which records all design conformance surveys executed as required in terms of the relevant Contractual Specifications (COLTO / SANS etc.)

  • All setting out survey records and data

  • All Volumetric Surveys Data and Reports

As-Built Records

  • Dated CAD As-built Drawings


Typical applications will comprise the following (but not limited to):

  • Full-Time or Part-Time construction survey services for Contractors on ANY type of Construction Project

  • Full-Time or Part-Time construction survey services for as part of the Supervisory Team on ANY type of Construction Project

  • Full-Time Construction Supervisory Surveys as part of the Consulting Engineering Supervisory Team on SANRAL Construction Projects (National Roads)


We understand that every project, site and client is different – as are their expectations of the required survey deliverables.  In order to “sharpen the pencil” and offer you the most cost and time effective geomatics solution, fit for the purpose you require the survey, we would need to acquire the following information from you:

  • Location of the survey – ideally a “Google Earth Placemark” send to us in kml/kmz format

  • The purpose of the survey and details on the Construction Project;

  • Contractual Suit of Documents to be used (NEC / FIDIC etc)

  • Construction Specifications to be used (COLTO / SANS etc)

  • Contract Duration

  • Preference in terms of a full-time or part-time appointment. In the case of a Part-Time appointment provide detail on the weekly / monthly frequency required.

  • Facilities / Personnel / Logistics to be provided by the Client for example

    • Survey Assistants
    • Accommodation
    • Meals / Subsistence
    • On Site Transport
    • Air Transfers
    • Office facilities
    • Office Internet Access
  • SHEQ Requirements (Medicals / inductions / onboarding / PPE / Mine-ready vehicles etc)