Cadastral Surveys is a specialised field of surveying which comprises the lawful establishment and recording of property boundaries and/or the rights in and over land that relates to boundaries.  Cadastral surveys are reserved exclusively for Professional Land Surveyors in accordance with the Land Survey Act (Act 8 of 1997) and the regulations promulgated there under.  The various categories of surveyors are well defined in the Geomatics Profession Act (Act 19 of 2013) (Previously the PLATO Act, number 40 of 1940).

It is a statutory requirement in South Africa that all cadastral surveys must be based / connected to the National Control Survey System, which with effect from 01 January 1999 has been based on the World Geographic System 1984 ellipsoid with the position of the Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Telescope as the origin of the system (WGS84).

Trail Surveys, through strategic partnerships with numerous Registered Professional Land Surveyors, has extensive experience in delivering cadastral surveys in South Africa.  Our experience and ability to combine and integrate cadastral survey survey products with remote sensing, engineering, hydrographic and architectural survey products enable us to deliver an unsurpassed geomatics solution to our Clients, whilst discounting both time and cost on their projects.


Typical applications will comprise the following (but not limited to):

  • Compilation of accurate cadastral key-plans – reconstructed from SG Diagrams;

  • Cadastral Analysis / Land Audits for Property Developers which includes inter alia:

    • The compilation of cadastral key-plans;
    • The sourcing of data (Title Deeds, Services Way-leaves, available georeferenced digital ortho-imagery and DTM’s, Mining Rights, Land Claims information etc);
    • Compile Property Matrix
    • Compile Servitude Key-plans
    • Compile Cadastral analysis Report (analysis of restrictive and beneficent conditions, possible mitigative measurements etc);
  • Confirmation of Property boundaries

  • Subdivision surveys

  • Consolidation of Land

  • Creation of Servitudes

  • Registration of General Plans at the Surveyor General

  • Sectional Title Schemes


We understand that every project, site and client is different – as are their expectations of the required survey deliverables.  In order to “sharpen the pencil” and offer you the most cost and time effective geomatics solution, fit for the purpose you require the survey, we would need to acquire the following information from you:

  • Location of the survey – ideally a “Google Earth Placemark” send to us in kml/kmz format

  • The purpose of the survey and details on the Construction Project;

  • Specific logistic constraints getting access to the specific area of interest

  • SHEQ Requirements (Medicals / inductions / onboarding / PPE / Mine-ready vehicles etc)

  • Schedule / Program – Should a staggered delivery be required we can work with you to provide critical data at key dates throughout your project.

  • Supporting Documents such as Title Deeds, consents, contact details of affected owners etc