Our Employees are the lifeblood of our business. On the outset, it is recognised that their knowledge, experience and judgement has made Trail Surveys what it is today.  We take our personnel’s wellbeing, training and development incredibly serious.    Our comprehensive in-house training programmes empower our employees to grow personally and add value to our business. We nurture employees who are enthusiastic and creative, using these cornerstones as building blocks to enhance career development, promoting diversity and an ambitious workforce to ensure our ongoing success, and simultaneously proudly develop local expertise.

As an equal opportunity employer, we value diversity within our business – regardless of nationality, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or creed.  We are committed to employing the right people for the right job.


In South Africa there is much talk about assisting the development of small business and encouraging entrepreneurship by means of creating much needed jobs, access to markets and equity.  Trail Surveys are committed to assist in eradicating poverty by creating opportunities where the previously disadvantaged become involved in our mainstream economy.

As the South African National Treasury is at pains to point out, development is not just the pursuit of growth – it is also about creating a more equitable future.  The South African Government is determined to address its key challenges through the economic integration of its previously disadvantaged majority.  Unemployment, at a rate of nearly 27%, remains the most challenging of South Africa’s hurdles: it is at the top of government priorities and at the heart of its economic policies.

Embracing Government’s objectives Trail Surveys founded a subsidiary in Trail Surveys and Mapping (Pty) Ltd which proudly boasts a Level 2 BBBEE contribution with 51% Black shareholding (30% of which are Black Woman shareholding), enabling our clients to reap the benefits of our 125% preferential procurement recognition level.

Our Black ownership in Trail Surveys and Mapping (Pty) Ltd is hold by the Trail Surveys Holding Broad Based Trust, an employee beneficiary trust specifically set up to empower our own Black employees, and a Community Development Programme Trust, trading as the Malibongwe Woman Empowerment Initiative.  Malibongwe, led by Ms. Pricilla Moodley, is an empowerment program teaching underprivileged black woman critical life skills, sustainable business practices and how to secure and retain proper employment. We are extremely humble and proud to be directly associated with this program which transforms previously disadvantaged families and households – one mother at a time…